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Every organization and every role within it has the button.

You were shown how to press the button when you were hired. If you started your own company you probably created the button.

You were given responsibility for pressing the button. You love pushing the button.

You are fasicnated by the button; how it works, the way it looks and the result it produces.

You press the button everyday. Eventually it becomes your day.

That’s when your problems begin.

The moment you go from thinking about how the button works, the way it looks and the results it produces and simply start pressing it,is the moment you leave yourself vulnerable.

Vulnerable to being replaced by software that automates the pushing of the button. Vulnerable to the person who can press the button more efficiently.

Even worse, vulnerable a competitor who can come out of no where with a better to “press the button.”

It doesn’t have to end like this, though. You have a choice.

Rather than simply pressing the button, go back to where you once were. The place were you started pressing the button.

Start thinking about how the button works. Why you are pressing the button.

And most importantly what you can do to make pressing the button more efficient and effective.

Never stop.

Otherwise you’ll find yourself looking back and saying, “Doh!”

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