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How many times are you hearing this each year?

I’ll bet this weeks salary that if you hear this frequently, you’re probably successful. (Or your Mom really, really, loves you.)

Why do I know this? It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. That’s what really determines your success these days. Give that some thought for a second.

You can have all the friends in high places you want, go to all the networking events you can pack into your week, and tweet until you’re blue in the face. None of that will matter unless people think enough of you to remember you can help them.

Some may call that adding value, or being likable, or setting a great first impression. Call it what you want. It matters. Big time.

Unless people think of you when they have a problem or need a solution, you’re going to be constantly chasing clients on the business treadmill. On an incline. That’s a lot of heart pumping, breath shortening, sweaty, work.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just have them think of you? The question now, is how.

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