College is an investment

Peter Thiel the “legendary” investor who brought us companies like PayPal has an interesting “thesis” on higher education; it’s in a bubble.

It’s true that college is losing relevancy in many fields and market sectors. And yes it is becoming more and more expensive to attend. Heck as someone who went to school to be a teacher (and never became one because of what I saw “in” the system), the whole education system in this country needs an overhaul. Fast.

However, education, college or otherwise, should always be thought of as an investment. An investment that includes time plus money (and interest in some cases), which needs ultimately to provide a return over time (an increased wage over what would be earned without the education). In the past college was a great investment because it gave a great return (like Microsoft when it was a growth stock).

Having a college degree all but ensured you would make X% more per year (and thus you could afford the loan repayment while still having more cash in your pocket (your return)).

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Do it Everyday


It’s something many strive for. It’s something few ever achieve.

The difference between those who do and those who don’t is relatively simple; great ones do it every day.

Do what you ask?

“It.” As in whatever “it” takes to push them one step closer to their ultimate goal.

They write those 1,000 words. Make those 50 cold calls. Code the latest feature.

Day in, day out the great ones bring it. To them it’s about incremental improvements (kaizen), the little wins; not rewards and recognition.

In other words, “they love the grind.” They recognize the commitment, sacrifice and hardwork necessary to be great.

It’s not easy. It’s not for every one.

But if you find yourself with greatness as your goal, know you can achieve it.

You just have to do it every day.