I’m Garrett Smith.

I’m passionate, creative, and driven, with a knack for acquiring customers, closing deals, building relationships and talking. A lot.

This has lead to a love affair with building profitable, prominent businesses and brands through modern customer acquisition and revenue generation models.

Since 2003 I’ve been a driving force behind the success of VoIP Supply, an industry leading ecommerce company and one of Western New York’s Top 50 Private companies.

From building the first racks in the company’s warehouse to my current post as Chief Marketing Officer, I’ve led the online marketing, business development and sales efforts that have grown the company from $2.5 million in sales in 2004 to $22 million in revenue and over 100,000 monthly visitors in 2011.

Along the way I’ve also dabbled in a number of my own entrepreneurial ventures, while advising and consulting a wide variety of others on how they can acquire customers, increase revenues and provide better purchase experiences.

Today I spend much of my time training, coaching and leading a great team of future leaders at VoIP Supply in what I consider the fine arts: Sales, Marketing, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media and Ecommerce. As an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, I also strive to remain a student of the game, constantly learning, growing and adapting while encouraging others to do the same.

With a strange affinity for rap, I firmly believe, as does Kanye West, that your attitude determines your latitude. When not at VoIP Supply, I’m likely working on generating revenue from some new idea, consulting or helping local entrepreneurs as my love of building never stops.

Enjoy learning, please share and always be creating!

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